Networking is many things to many people. To some people, networking is socializing and keeping in touch with their peers so as to take advantage of other's talents.

With computers, networking is essentially similar but the computers are said to be 'networked' so that each one can assume one task while benefiting from the knowledge of another computer on its network.

All of the computers and printers in your offices should be networked together so that you may take full advantage of the resources you have already paid for.

High speed network wiring can help you get your job done faster. As the information has to travel over your network, knowing that it is moving at the best speed and reliably will allow you to get your job done quicker and with less frustration.


Networking is more than hanging around the office water cooler. In fact, with a well designed network, your users won't be spending so much time waiting for that information that they need to get their job done. It will be there waiting for them.